National Nest Box Week, 2011

The annual National Nest Box Week runs from 14-21 February. There is some evidence to suggest that birds using nest boxes are more successful than those that don't.  We also know that boxes are used in winter as roost sites. Building a nest box is not difficult, so why not give it a go this... Continue Reading →

First WeBS Core Count of 2011

Sunday 16 January is the date of this year's first core count for WeBS. Counts are taken on one Sunday each month at a range of wetland sites across the region.  We have a few sites that are currently without observers, and potentially a few more sites that have never been surveyed.  If you'd like... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Forest?

Today, during an Atlas TTV another Great Grey Shrike was discovered in the Cynon Valley.  This is a rare species in East Glamorgan, though returning individuals appear to show up most years nowadays. Our birds tend to turn up in clear fells in upland conifer plantations, and can often be seen perched high on a... Continue Reading →

BTO in Wales

2011 is the year in which BTO plan to open a regional office in Wales.  The BTO Cymru Office will employ two staff: A Development Officer will work help recruit volunteers, promote the work of the Trust, develop courses for birdwatchers and represent the BTO in the media A Senior Ecologist will be the link... Continue Reading →

Marsh Tit Dispersal and Population Decline

Marsh Tit has experienced a marked decline in the UK, and its conservation listing has recently been upgraded from amber to red.  It is not a common bird in East Glamorgan, with presence being recorded in just 15 tetrads in winter and 17 in the breeding season during the current Bird Atlas project. A new study,... Continue Reading →

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