Garden Recording

Wood Pigeon by Marc Davison, on Flickr
Wood Pigeon by Marc Davison, on Flickr

The latest Garden BirdWatch Newsletter has just landed in my email box.

A short feature on the appearance of Woodpigeons in gardens struck a chord, as a lone bird has started visiting our garden just this last week.  It looks a little out of place in my urban back yard, and its the first time I’ve recorded the species at home.  A garden tick!

Like many other volunteers, my weekly counts of garden birds are added to the Garden BirdWatch scheme.  The records provide a valuable insight into the importance of our gardens to Britain’s bird life, and as individuals we can see how our own records form part of the national picture.

It seems that June or July are the months when this species occupies a greater percentage of gardens than at any other time of year.   My Woodpigeon then, wasn’t lost after all, but was following an established species trend.

More details of the Garden BirdWatch scheme are available.

Why not sign up and make your garden’s birds count?


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