BBS 2010 Published

 The annual report of the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) has been published for 2010, and as ever it makes interesting reading. In Wales, Skylarks, Starlings and Meadow Pipits have fallen to their lowest levels since the survey began.  Positive news is available though.   Stonechats recovered from the harsh winter of 2009, and Redstarts, Blackcaps... Continue Reading →

Last Orders Please!

We're now into the final week of field recording for the Bird Atlas, with just one weekend left. Please make every effort to complete your late breeding season TTVs, and capture Roving Records wherever you may be. Several species are still actively breeding with late broods, and young fledglings are now out of the nest... Continue Reading →

Keep Recording with BirdTrack

Swifts are surely high on many people's list a favourite birds. They typically arrive in the UK in late April and depart in July and August. An all too brief visit to our shores. Their departure is a timely reminder that there is still great value in recording your bird sightings throughout the year.  Recording... Continue Reading →

Satellite Tracking for Welsh Ospreys

Each year, one or two Glamorgan birders are fortunate to see an Osprey flying overhead as it makes its way north or south on its annual migration. In recent years, birds have also spent a few days in late summer feeding up at estuaries in the west of the county. Feeding exclusively on fish, Ospreys... Continue Reading →

Is Mist Netting Safe?

Mist nets are commonly used by researchers to capture birds in the study of their behaviour, movements and demographics.  A recently published study has, for the first time, evaluated the risks associated with mist netting. Mortality and injury rates were quantified from over 300,000 birds caught by 22 banding (ringing) organisations across the US and... Continue Reading →

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