Wales Chat Survey

Plans are under way for a Wales-wide survey of three species of chat in 2012, the resident Stonechat and the migrant Whinchat and Wheatear.  Results from the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) show that Stonechat numbers fell sharply after the last two cold winters, while Whinchat and Wheatear have shown declines in both range and numbers.  Wales is... Continue Reading →

Tracking Winter Thrushes

Redwings have already been seen in East Glamorgan this autumn, and it won't be long before the familiar seep-seep call of migrating parties are heard overhead during our darkening nights.  Fieldfares will soon be here too, raiding our hawthorn and berry bushes. In 2012-13, BTO will be running a Winter Thrush Survey. This winter, we... Continue Reading →

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