Wales Chat Survey

Stonechat by markkilner, on Flickr
Stonechat by markkilner, on Flickr

Plans are under way for a Wales-wide survey of three species of chat in 2012, the resident Stonechat and the migrant Whinchat and Wheatear.  Results from the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) show that Stonechat numbers fell sharply after the last two cold winters, while Whinchat and Wheatear have shown declines in both range and numbers.  Wales is a traditional stronghold for these species.

Welsh birdwatchers have noticed that our Whinchat population has disappeared from much of its traditional range, and that Wheatear is no longer a common breeding bird.

East Glamorgan is home to all three species, and many of us are witness to their changing fortunes in our uplands in particular.  We hope many of you will take part in this forthcoming survey, the first for BTO Wales.

The Chats in Wales survey will launch in the spring of 2012.

More details to follow.


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