Red Kites in Wales

Over the last decade, birders in East Glamorgan have witnessed a rise in the number of Red Kites in our area.  Indeed the species is no longer considered rare, with sightings spanning across the whole region and throughout the year.  It’s a regular winter visitor roaming the hills or the Vale, and we’ve a few pairs... Continue Reading →

Short-eared Owls

The sight of a Short-eared Owl patrolling its hunting ground is surely a treat for any birder.  This species may be found hunting during the day, typically inhabiting our coastal marshes or rough ground inland, with some sites being home to several birds at a time. In our region, it is a species of the winter months,... Continue Reading →

Eastern Glamorgan Bird Report 2010 Published

The latest annual bird report from the Glamorgan Bird Club has been published. The Eastern Glamorgan Bird Report No 49 (2010) contains eighty two pages reviewing the birding year in our region. As ever, the bulk of the report is taken up by the species accounts, commentating on the fortunes of resident, migrant and rare... Continue Reading →

Our Garden BirdWatch Ambassadors

South Wales is one of several areas of the UK where the BTO has appointed volunteer 'ambassadors' to arouse public interest and participation in its Garden BirdWatch scheme. Amanda Skull covers the area west of Cardiff, while Mick Bailey covers from Cardiff to the English border.  In practice they help each other out and do not... Continue Reading →

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