Record Birds on the Wales Coastal Path

Red-billed Chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax) by talis qualis, on Flickr
Red-billed Chough by talis qualis, on Flickr

With migrants finally arriving back thick and fast, early May promises to offer some great birding. For birdwatchers in Wales, there couldn’t be a better time to take part in the Wales Coast Path Birdrace 2012 on Saturday 5 May, organised by Visit Wales to help launch the Wales Coast Path.

The event will encourage people to record birds anywhere along the entire length of the path, and BirdTrack provides the ideal way to capture these records.

Smartphone users with an Android handset can now download the BirdTrack app.  AndroidThe app allows BirdTrackers to collect casual records within Britain and Ireland.  Records can be collected offline, then verified and uploaded later, when convenient. GPS integration is included.

Don’t forget that birdwatchers in Wales can also help monitor the fortunes of Wheatear, Stonechat and Whinchat through this year’s Wales Chat Survey.


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