Tracking Welsh Cuckoos

Cuckoo is one of the UK’s fastest declining migrants and, until recently, was one of which we knew least about once it left the UK.  Many readers will already be familiar with the stories of five Norfolk cuckoos, successfully tagged last summer and tracked on their migration to West Africa and their return journey this spring.

Cuckoo populations however, declined in Wales by 27% between 1999-2009, compared to 49% in England and only 9% in Scotland.  Why is this?  Do their timings or patterns of movements differ significantly? Tagging birds from all three regions will help us to understand why they are faring differently.

This year, the BTO Tracking Team have been busy in Wales (and Scotland), and  have now tagged four Welsh males from the Tregaron area.

Details of these birds, and maps showing their movement are now available to enjoy. Two birds have already left Wales, moving east into England and look set to move into continental Europe soon.

Cuckoo by Whitstable Wildlife, on Flickr
Cuckoo by Whitstable Wildlife, on Flickr

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