Welsh Bird Report 2011

This little beauty plopped down on my doorstep a couple of days ago.  The new edition of Birds in Wales includes the 25th Welsh Bird Report, which summarises bird records from across the country for 2011.
Birds in Wales

What I like about this report, published by the Welsh Ornithological Society (WOS), is that it enables you to put our Eastern Glamorgan sightings into a Welsh context.  I found the wildfowl section particularly interesting because it takes it a step further and examines the Welsh counts from a UK and an international perspective.

As well as a Systematic List of bird species and records it also includes: a report, written by Peter Howlett,  on bird ringing in Wales in 2011; a summary of selected ringing recoveries and an article by Nick Moran about BirdTrack.

You can buy a copy of the Welsh Bird Report from WOS for £8.  But, a far better idea would be to join WOS (£15 pa for individuals), because you’ll then receive two issues a year of Birds in Wales, one of which includes the annual Welsh Bird Report. You may also choose to receive the WOS bi-monthly e-newsletter as well as get a discount on attendance of the Annual Conference. A bargain!


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