The Life of Birds: a Struggle for Survival

The programme and booking forms are now available for the BTO Annual Conference at Swanwick, Derbyshire.
As ever, there’s plenty to hold a keen birder’s interest, with talks ranging from Honey-buzzards, demographic changes seen during the Bird Atlas 2007-11, the success of Buzzards to visual perception in birds and conserving the Pink Pigeon.

Delegates will also hear about how weather effects birds, including Long-tailed Tits, Sand Martins in Africa, Reed Warblers in Norfolk and birds in Iceland.  We’ll also be given updates on many of the surveys that BTO lead, including BirdTrack, BBS and WeBS.  The conference concludes with seabird tracking, the timing of moult, social media and how BTO can help conservation .

All this and more, along with an opportunity to mix with like-minded folk over dinner and a pint at the bar, browse the bookshops or inspect the latest optics from Swarovksi.

It’s well worth a trip.


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