BTO Nest Record Scheme Taster Day, Rudry Common, Sunday May 8th

Have you ever considered becoming a BTO nest recorder but felt unsure about how to get started?

The BTO’s Nest Record Scheme (NRS) gathers vital information on the breeding success of Britain’s birds by asking volunteers to find and follow the progress of individual birds’ nests. There are currently only around a dozen active nest recorders in the whole of Glamorgan and we’re looking to recruit more volunteers locally to contribute to this important scheme.

A Nest Record Scheme Taster Day for new volunteers will be held at Rudry between 8am and 3pm on Sunday, May 8th. The day will be run by Trevor Fletcher (Rudry Common Trust), Wayne Morris and Dan Jenkins-Jones (Mid & South Glamorgan BTO Regional Representative and Assistant Rep). The day will provide an introduction to monitoring nests, how to follow the all-important NRS Code of Conduct to ensure that you’re monitoring does not influence the outcome of nests, as well as a few hours in the field for some supported practice searching for a variety of different species’ nests. The aim is to increase the number of birders in Glamorgan contributing to this valuable survey over the coming years. There will be a charge of £10 per person to cover costs.

Meadow Pipit Nest 2015 b
Meadow Pipit nest (Photo: Dan Jenkins-Jones)

Anyone can be a nest recorder.  It will add a new dimension to your birding, you’ll be making an important contribution to our knowledge of birds and it is personally very rewarding. For more information about the Scheme, please visit

We’ve also written short articles about the Nest Record Scheme on this blog over the last few years – articles which will hopefully give you some further personal insight about the experiences of taking part in the Scheme:

If you’re interested in attending please contact Dan Jenkins-Jones at / (029) 2062 1394 as soon as possible for more information.


6 thoughts on “BTO Nest Record Scheme Taster Day, Rudry Common, Sunday May 8th

  1. Hi Dan, I’ve previously registered an interest in this with Trevor. Is this still OK? Andrew

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hi Andrew,

    Yes, you’re name is down on the list. Hope we have a great day and looking forward to meeting you!

    All the best


  3. Hi Dan
    I’ve tried to email using the link but it bounced back. I’m a Carmarthenshire birder interested in coming on the training day 8th May. Any places?

    Dai Stacey

  4. Hi Dai,

    Apologies for that. I’d miss-spelt my email address!

    Yes, there’s a space for you. Can you please try again and email me your contact details (including your postal address so that we can arrange for a Nest Record Scheme pack to be sent to you) and I’ll fill you in on all the info you need.



  5. Hi waderporcelain, Yes, we can book you on to the NRS Taster Day. Please drop me a line as soon as possible to the email address at the bottom of the article and I’ll send you some more information.

    All the best


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