The site offers details of the work of the British Trust for Ornithology in our area. We plan regular updates, reporting on BTO surveys and their results – both on a local and a national level. We will include research findings as well as other items of bird news we think may be of interest to local BTO members and surveyors. We welcome feedback and guest posts from site visitors.

We hope you find something of interest and become a regular visitor.


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Our Region

We have over 120 BTO members and many, many more people actively taking part in a wide range of surveys coordinated by BTO.  We have 17 10km squares containing 339 surveyable Atlas tetrads, 0ver 60 Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) squares, 8 Heronries, 3 Wetland Breeding Bird Survey (WBBS) and many Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) sites.

For local bird recording purposes, the old county of Glamorgan (VC41) is split in two, Gower and East Glamorgan. The BTO divides the UK into regions along 10km Ordnance Survey boundary lines, resulting in Glamorgan being split into Mid, South and West regions.  This site is about about the work of the British Trust for Ornithology Regional Network in Mid and South Glamorgan, though we will use these terms interchangeably with East Glamorgan.

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