Heronries Census

Coate Water Herons by Mark Philpott, on Flickr
Coate Water Herons by Mark Philpott, on Flickr

The Heronries Census began in 1928 and is the longest-running breeding-season bird monitoring scheme in the world.

Observers count apparently occupied nests in heronries throughout the UK. Little Egrets and any other colonial herons are fully included in the survey, and counts of Cormorant nests at heronries are also encouraged. If nests cannot be counted, a note of whether a heronry is active or not in a particular season is of value.

Skill level: Suitable for anyone with an interest in a heronry.

Heronries to be included are those already registered with the survey (and notified to RRs each January) and, importantly, any new heronries that are not yet on the list.

In East Glamorgan we have eight heronries monitored as part of this scheme.

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