Bird Atlas, Breeding Status

Young Robin on the Run by Brian Digital, on Flickr
Young Robin on the Run by Brian Digital, on Flickr

Gathering Breeding Evidence

It is very important to record evidence of breeding during the forthcoming survey period.  The higher the rating the better of course, but please try to add any of the codes below when collecting your data, even if it is just for suitable nesting habitat or a singing male.

Select a code that best describes what you have seen.  Except M and U, all should relate to individuals in potentially suitable nesting habitat. In this final survey period we are also looking to ‘upgrade’ breeding evidence whenever possible, with Confirmed Breeding being the goal.

Non-breeder Possible breeder
F Flying over H Observed in suitable nesting Habitat
M Migrant S Singing Male
U SUmmering non-breeder
Probable breeder Confirmed breeder
P Pair in suitable nesting habitat DD Distraction-Display or injury feigning
T Permanent Territory
(defended over at least 1 week)
UN Used Nest or eggshells found from this season
D Courtship and Display FL Recently FLedged young or downy young
N Visiting probable Nest site NE Nest containing Eggs
A Agitated behaviour FF Adult carrying Faecal sac or Food for young
I Brood patch of Incubating bird
(from bird in hand)
ON Adults entering or leaving nest-site in circumstances indicating Occupied Nest
B Nest Building or excavating nest-hole NY Nest with Young seen or heard

Local Gaps

Many species in our region have breeding evidence assigned.  We are looking to ‘upgrade’ these details to Confirmed Breeding where possible.  The map and table below, outlines where species are recorded, but where ‘Confirmed Breeding’ has not been show.

East Glamorgan
East Glamorgan

Breeding Evidence for each 10km Square

Can you help confirm breeding in these 10km squares?

SN90 SO00 SS77 SS87 SS96
SS97 SS98 SS99 ST06 ST07
ST08 ST09 ST17 ST18 ST19