Nest Record Scheme (NRS)

Song Thrush by A.J. Haverkamp, on Flickr
Song Thrush by A.J. Haverkamp, on Flickr

The Nest Record Scheme (NRS) gathers vital information on the breeding success of Britain’s birds by finding and following the progress of individual nests.

A species’ abundance is dependent on survival rates, movements of individuals between populations and breeding success. The NRS provides the evidence required to identify those species that are in decline because they are encountering problems at the nesting stage.

Skill level: Suitable for new surveyors, care required to avoid disturbance.Nest records can be submitted on card or using a home pc programme IPMR (Integrated Population Monitoring Reporter). The IPMR programme can be downloaded from the BTO website, or obtained on a CD from the Nest Records Officer.

NRS is co-ordinated by BTO HQ:

Nest Records Officer
BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU

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