Ringing Recoveries

Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola

BLB 3 10.8.2003 Veurne: 51°4’N 2°39’E (West-Vlaanderen) Belgium
8455669 R 14.8.2003 Kenfig Pool: 51°31’N 3°45’W (Glamorgan) 448 km W

Only 745 Aquatic Warblers have been ringed in Britain & Ireland and only one of them has been recovered (moving from Sussex to Kent in 1995). However, this is the third foreign-ringed Aquatic Warbler reported here. The others were both ringed in Poland in 1990 and recaptured in Avon and Cornwall later that year. Note the rapid movement of this bird.


Clark, J A et al (2005) Bird ringing in Britain and Ireland in 2004, Ringing & Migration 22, 213-253