Your Holiday Records Needed

Fieldwork for the European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 concludes this summer.  EBBA2 will map the distribution and abundance of Europe’s 500+ breeding species across more than 50 countries. Huge progress has been made already, but your records are still needed to fill gaps in coverage. Some of the countries where gaps exist, including Portugal, Greece... Continue Reading →

Atlas Late Breeding Evidence

With Atlas fieldwork for the timed counts (TTVs) now complete, efforts can now focus on looking for confirmed breeding evidence over the remainder of the season. Late nesting species like Yellowhammer, Spotted Flycatcher, Bullfinch and House Martin are still breeding so look out for adults carrying food for young, occupied nests or recently fledged young. Other species such as... Continue Reading →

Last Orders Please!

We're now into the final week of field recording for the Bird Atlas, with just one weekend left. Please make every effort to complete your late breeding season TTVs, and capture Roving Records wherever you may be. Several species are still actively breeding with late broods, and young fledglings are now out of the nest... Continue Reading →

Have You Seen a Quail Recently?

Many of you will be thinking that is a silly question.  Quails being famously difficult to spot. The species is scarce in East Glamorgan, with just two Atlas records from the Vale of Glamorgan so far. Could Quails be more widespread than we think? Over the last few days, the species has been heard in Cardiff... Continue Reading →

The End is Nigh! Atlas Records Wanted

Thanks to all volunteers who've helped with the Bird Atlas. We're now approaching the final few weeks of the survey period.  Nationally we're in a great position to achieve our target of comprehensive coverage across Britain and Ireland.  We are however, still looking for more records, to plug gaps and get the most complete picture we... Continue Reading →

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