Get 2019 Off to a Flying Start

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda / Happy New Year to you all! If you are looking for a birding challenge for 2019, why not try the BTO BirdTrack #100CompleteLists Challenge? The maths is easy – the challenge is to log an average of just two complete lists every week at your local patch or further afield. BirdTrack... Continue Reading →

Smew Visitor

Smew is a rare visitor to East Glamorgan, with perhaps just one or two records annually.  Over the last few days, a fine 'redhead' has taken up residence at Hendre Lake in Cardiff. Males of course, are easily recognised with their white plumage and black mask and back.  Females and immature birds are often lumped together... Continue Reading →

Iceland Gulls Visit Glamorgan

Iceland Gull is a rare visitor to East Glamorgan, and resides on our list of description species.  Gulls may be aged using combinations of  plumage, bill markings, eye and leg colour, so with some diligent field notes and digital images, we have evidence of a number of different individuals present this winter.  To date, birds... Continue Reading →

Explore All Your Records in BirdTrack

BirdTrack is an online facility for observers to store and manage their own personal bird records.  By pooling data from recorders across the Britain and Ireland, patterns in bird migration movements and distributions are revealed,  supporting species conservation at local, regional, national and international scales. The service continues to develop and its now possible to explore all your... Continue Reading →

Keep Recording with BirdTrack

Swifts are surely high on many people's list a favourite birds. They typically arrive in the UK in late April and depart in July and August. An all too brief visit to our shores. Their departure is a timely reminder that there is still great value in recording your bird sightings throughout the year.  Recording... Continue Reading →

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