Winter Thrushes Survey Restarts

The Winter Thrushes Survey resumed on 15 September 2013, with the start of the winter walks recording period. In two parts, the aim of this survey is to identify the key habitats and food sources used by our passage and wintering thrush species – Blackbird, Fieldfare, Mistle Thrush, Redwing and Song Thrush. The survey methods... Continue Reading →

Survey Thrushes This Winter

Thrush numbers appear to be up where I live at the moment. Blackbirds and Song Thrushes are seeking food in the garden. Redwing flocks call overhead as they speed down the valley. Mistle Thrushes aggressively defend any food source they have from other birds including the Waxwings we are now enjoying in the region. I've... Continue Reading →

Surveying Winter Thrushes

During winter, the UK is home to many thousands of resident and migrant thrushes seeking food and refuge from the cold of continental Europe.  What are the key habitats for these birds?  How does their distribution change over and between successive winters?  What are the differences in feeding behaviour between thrush species during winter?  BTO... Continue Reading →

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