New Pochard Survey – Winter 2015-16

Common Pochard are becoming increasingly uncommon in East Glamorgan. Looking at my own Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS ) site, Roath Park Lake, you only have to go back ten years or so and you’d regularly see 50+, occasionally 100+, birds there during the winter months. Now, I’m more likely to see only 5 or 6.... Continue Reading →

Can you help ‘The Swallow of the Eaves’?

*** HOT OFF THE PRESS: NEW SQUARES NOW AVAILABLE. SEE BELOW*** The House Martin – known as Gwennol y Bondo ('The Swallow of the Eaves') in Welsh – is well known to many people. From April to September it lives cheek by jowl with those lucky enough to have this energetic little bird nest under... Continue Reading →

Marsh Tit Dispersal and Population Decline

Marsh Tit has experienced a marked decline in the UK, and its conservation listing has recently been upgraded from amber to red.  It is not a common bird in East Glamorgan, with presence being recorded in just 15 tetrads in winter and 17 in the breeding season during the current Bird Atlas project. A new study,... Continue Reading →

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