The Early Bird …

... has its feeding patterns affected by light and heat pollution during cold winter mornings.  Is this true? This is what the forthcoming Early Bird Survey will investigate. Birds require extra energy to keep warm, especially during long winter nights. To cope, they lay down extra fat reserves, though small birds quite often only lay down enough... Continue Reading →

Not Even a Coal Tit

This morning I took advantage of a break in the rain and headed for the hills to carry out my first core square count for the Winter Thrushes Survey. Mynydd William Meyrick (SS9592) is fairly typical in these parts, being covered in part by a conifer plantation and neighbouring upland moor, so my hopes of seeing... Continue Reading →

Do Blackcaps Visit Your Garden in Winter?

Though noted as a summer migrant, Blackcaps that breed in central Europe are spending the winter with us in increasing numbers, benefitting from garden bird foods.  What exactly are they eating, and is their aggressive reputation true? On New Year’s Day 2013 the BTO launches its Garden Blackcap Survey, a behavioural study of Blackcaps in... Continue Reading →

Tracking Winter Thrushes

Redwings have already been seen in East Glamorgan this autumn, and it won't be long before the familiar seep-seep call of migrating parties are heard overhead during our darkening nights.  Fieldfares will soon be here too, raiding our hawthorn and berry bushes. In 2012-13, BTO will be running a Winter Thrush Survey. This winter, we... Continue Reading →

Atlas Winter Records Deadline

With the final Winter recording period for the Bird Atlas now over, the deadline for submitting the records is now approaching. We have had good coverage in this final winter period, despite the poor weather before Christmas.   Species numbers in some of the more remote areas in the northern reaches of the region have... Continue Reading →

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