Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS)

Wigeon by Jeff Slocombe

Wetland Bird Survey – can you help?

We need more volunteers to help count wetland birds in East Glamorgan.

If you’ve always felt that you’d like to make a practical contribution to our knowledge of birds but didn’t know how, then taking part in the Wetland Birds Survey (WeBS) is an excellent way to begin.

You don’t need to be an ‘expert’ birder to become a WeBS counter.  Anyone can take part, even beginners to birdwatching.  Unlike many bird surveys, to carry out WeBS Counts, you don’t have to know bird songs or calls, just the ability to identify common waterbirds.

Do you have a body of water near you?

WeBS counts are made all over the UK – from large estuaries, lakes and reservoirs to canals, small rivers and ponds. Here in Mid & South Glamorgan we’re looking in particular for volunteers to count smaller bodies of water. Do you have one of these near you? It doesn’t have to hold a large number or variety of birds – regularly counting Mallards, Coots and Moorhens all helps build up a bigger picture of the current status of these birds.

Alternatively, one of sites on the list of those currently available to count in East Glamorgan (see below) may be suitable for you?

What is required?

The survey involves visiting a local wetland site once a month throughout the winter and count the waterfowl there.  We do welcome counts from all months of the year but the main period we ask our counters to concentrate on is September through to March.

More detailed background information about WeBS is available.

Skill level: Ability to identify wintering waders and wildfowl.

Just some of the wetland sites currently available in East Glamorgan. The blue pins denote vacant WeBS sites, the red are those already allocated to volunteers and the yellow are potential new WeBS sites.

Cors Crychydd Reen near Rumney (Photo: Mary Gillham Archive Project)

If you’re interested in taking part in WeBS please get in touch for a no obligation chat.

Daniel Jenkins-Jones
WeBS Local Organiser for East Glamorgan
18 St Margaret’s Road; Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 7AA
h: 02920 621394; m: 07428 167 576
e: eastglamwebs@gmail.com

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